Many thanks for the great sessions of EFT and energy work we have had together. The work was quite catalytic in opening up my life for greater freedom from a very challenging situation. One can never say for sure what exactly causes events to occur, but the overall effect was a shift in my life  that can only be described as miraculous. So thank you for your help and cheerful guidance !  While I enjoyed our in person visits, I found that our Skype sessions were as potent and deep as at your house, only I was in the comfort of my own home with the wood stove going !   Very best wishes,   Steve W.


Robin is a gifted EFT Practitioner and teacher, with the ability to help people reduce and eliminate long term issues. Time and again, I've seen that after a group session with Robin, people feel lighter, freer and happier.

I participated in Robin's Vision Board session in January. It absolutely set my path for the year, which was a year of improved health and prosperity. Robin has the gift of inspiring people to tune in to their inner desires and then set intentions which then guide future actions. Jill Meyers, LCSW

 I felt safe and in expert hands because you asked gentle questions and remembered what I said. I felt energy move. I felt the problems shrink. I learned a few new techniques. I felt calmer and happier. I seemed to gain perspective. I felt refreshed and very upbeat afterwards. The session helped me keep perspective as I prepared for an event. I found myself more aware of my eating and more aware of not being overwhelmed with tasks. When I felt a pang of hunger I tapped on my thumb and drank water. I am feeling much more in control and actually able to laugh at myself when I get uptight. I loved the session. It was so helpful that you reviewed at the end. I am feeling very confident and in control. Thank you for an amazing session.  LAS

Robin is amazing in her EFT approach! She has great listening skills with a calm, warm demeanor which allows her to get to the crux of your issue quickly and painlessly. I was able to release some very longstanding difficult emotional blocks in 1 session. I am deeply grateful. I would highly recommend Robin to anyone!  Kathy B. Granby, Connecticut

During the EFT session I  noticed a release of negative emotions and feelings, actual physical and mental relief. Since the session I have noticed that the situations in which I tapped on are not affecting me as they were before, I feel pretty much "neutral" towards them!!! Robin is sincere, genuine and knowledgeable. I wouldn't hesitate to have additional sessions if they were required. I have done EFT on my own and found this much more effective, even though we were doing this over the phone! Possibilities are endless, I am truly grateful!   A. M. Clark, Toronto, Ontario

It was actually a remarkable experience. After doing the first round of tapping I kind of felt worse about the whole money thing, but then as soon as we started the second round I could feel a real shift take place. It was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders and I felt just so much more optimistic! When I woke up this morning I couldn't even get my mind to come up with the worried thought. Even when I consciously tried to think about money and my issue with it I couldn't seem to find the thought at all. It's an incredible feeling. You had an amazing way of getting to the root of my issue without making me feel uncomfortable or self-conscious at all. So thank you!   Peggy, Wilton CT

I felt a huge release of emotions. I sighed a lot during the session and did not realize what a big release occured until you asked me to rate the emotion at the end of the session, and it was gone. I feel much less alone and overwhelmed with my circumstances.   Sue P. Sayville NY

The session was very helpful. One big insight that arose was related to my pattern of not putting my passion activities in the center of my life, having learned very early in life that it was not safe to pursue creative work, nor financially viable. Robin did something very interesting by taking a story I told about my mother's encouragement that I be practical and driven at least enough to be self sufficient and independent and used phrasing like "my mother's fears, in my body" or "in my life." This seemed to be an innovation that led to some release of something that I had not previously understood as such a direct connection. The session was really lovely. I appreciated how Robin brought tools and techniques from many kinds of practice together in the session.   Jennie I., Barre, MA

I loved our session, Robin.  You truly have a gift for this work.  You are going to help so many people by shining your light into the world through EFT.    Rosie T  Reading, Pa


What a wonderful tapping session last night, Robin. I cannot even describe how much lighter and happier I feel this morning after a really good night’s sleep. The feeling that “all will be well” is so strong for me today. My past experiences of tapping with you have all been so powerful and healing, and these feelings were amplified last night with the shared group energy. Thank you so much for making this happen. Carol F.


Thank you Robin for showing me simple ways to enhance and balance my life. I am so grateful for the connection that we share. And always looked forward to our weekly sessions together! You have a gift of using your intuition on an individual basis and that makes it a unique experience for each person. It opened up many possibilities for healing and raising my consciousness. You were encouraging and made me realize where I am on the right track. I love the vision statement and find it very helpful! It is encouraging to hear the audio version and Robin's voice is so soothing to me. Everything I learned was helpful in some way. I would say the most helpful for me would be the vision statement and learning meditation exercises. I use the meditation every day to calm and ground myself. It has helped me so much! We also talked about journaling and the things we are grateful for and how useful it is to bring these things together. Teri Wilson from Olympia, WA



I was really dreading doing a massive spring clean of my house and garden, especially because I have only a short deadline to complete it. When Robin used this technique with me yesterday I was amazed to feel so much better in myself, and about the task. The next morning I got up to do weeding at 7 am, then went straight into working on the house, and I felt really positive about it. The task is now being done in a grace-filled way. This technique really works - and fast! Thank you Robin! A.M. - Sydney Australia


The energy exercises really helped my attitude. It felt reassuring to know that there were things I could do to help myself when I am stressed. It has helped in my business - I am feeling more confident. This has been an oasis during the stress and anxiety of the accident. The workshop was great. I felt very different in my attitude when I was doing the exercises regularly. P.E Connecticut


My experience with Robin was wonderful. Our conversations were thought provoking and I found myself reflecting back on them many times after each session. Robin also has a wonderful voice - kind, knowledgeable & soothing while leading meaningful dialogue. I love my Vision Statement. It is very useful and I do prefer the written version because I can access it at any time to read through it for overall reinforcement of the message. I really liked how Robin took the information from our conversations and converted it over to the Vision Statement. Each time I read through it, I get sparks of joy as it really strikes a chord within me. I received a few things that have been very useful. First, my Vision Statement. Another was the 6 piece pie chart we did in our first session rating relationships, professional, financial, wellness, spiritual & emotional. Robin also introduced me to EFT which I am now intrigued with. She also introduced me to the teachings of Arielle Ford. I am also practicing the exercise of "your words create your world" & the exercise of changing how I speak/the "type into google" exercise.  K. Hawker Seattle, WA


Robin has been a source of guidance, inspiration and motivation for me. She's encouraged me to open doors I considered closed and to close doors that I'd left open far too long. I'm no longer stumbling down an unmarked path but choosing a direction that is sure to lead to my heart's desire for future personal and career success. Robin is my life coach but she now also a trusted and valued friend. I absolutely LOVE my Vision Statement and listen to it almost daily. When I have moments of uncertainty and need a boost, I grab my iPod and take the Vision Statement on a walk, hike or run with me. It never values to lift my spirits. It's a pep talk and a view of the future that I to achieve. It keeps me on the right path towards that ultimate goal. I enjoy using the Tapping technique and have found that a very useful tool. Robin has reminded me that words do hold power, which is something I think about and attempt to work on daily. Pushing me to begin journaling again, in general, was a really good thing. I see Robin as an amazingly gifted and powerful Life Coach. She's smart, insightful, caring and intuitive. My experience with her has been a completely positive one and I continue to use the tools and resource she provided.   Peggy Wagener, Sun Valley Idaho


I loved Robin's gentle and accepting way, the authenticity and joy Robin brought to what she shares. The combination of journaling, energy work, EFT, meditations - appeals to different ways to tap into my “self”.  Thank you!!!  I feel joy at discovering these real but previously wholely unknown part of me.  Tina Donaher, CT
I loved learning all about the different modalities and how to energize the body! Your methods and ways of teaching and describing information was wonderful. Great to have more tools!   Loryn


I really liked learning about the chakras and tapping and the details behind them.  M. Wilton CT
The energy class was so helpful. Robin explored the many ways that energy affects our life. She is so good at explaining how the techniques work and is very intuitive and caring with the class members. I found that the  energy techniques and tapping helped my attitude. I was much more positive and focussed. I even had one of my best sales ever, probably due to the positivity and good energy.  P. Westport CT

Oh my gosh Robin...I am so amazed! I can honestly say the pain is totally gone! I'm so excited!I still can't believe it...all I did was exactly what you told me to do. In the morning when it really hurt I just tapped 'my arm really hurts'. And then the next round I actually said something about 'trusting tapping' and that if it worked for my arm pain I would trust that it would work for other things. Which, now that I think about it, probably made a big difference because I'm not sure I totally trusted that the tapping would work. Then I went and worked out, and afterwards felt the pain coming back a little, so I just tapped again the same way. And then on my later afternoon walk, I tapped again. There is absolutely no pain this morning...I am a  TOTAL believer now! Thank you!!  P.O. Wilton CT
Just wanted to share that I feel SO MUCH BETTER today. Even yesterday after my nap I woke up with very little to no dizziness.  Today I've not felt dizziness at all. Thank you so much for yesterday - perfect timing!!!  Lisa

I'm new to tapping and found Robin to be very informative and a wonderful teacher. I've been struggling with anxiety for the past 2 years and read lots of the books and do the breathing techniques, etc - not interested in meds, but felt like I needed something more. Occasionally I wake up with a jittery feeling, and when it recently happened, I tried one of the techniques Robin taught me, and amazingly I felt better. Robins class was a great experience for me.  Patti






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