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Connecting to our soul is the most valuable thing we can do in this life. It is like putting on our own oxygen mask before we help others in the airplane.

Anything that we desire in life, such as peace, helping others, making money, or great health, will be enhanced and expedited by connecting to our own soul. As you connect with your own soul, you help the whole world.


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Connect to Your Soul - Through Jealousy?

All of our emotions contain important information - they are communicating a need or desire of our soul. Jealousy is strong!  It is saying, “This is important. I want this. Something’s missing. Pay attention.”

When you feel jealous, it’s a wonderful sign. It means that what you are jealous about is actually ON your radar; you aren't jealous of Bill Gates, or a super model, right? That specifically is not on your radar.  When you are jealous, there is some genuine need going unfulfilled, or you would not have that feeling. Use the Finding the Gift in Your Jealousy Discovery Process to find the gift, and open up to something bigger that your soul not only desires, but believes is possible, for you.



Connect to Your Soul - Through Big Life Changes

Are you moving, divorcing, or changing jobs? Have your children left the nest, or did a loved one pass away? These big life changes often feel like they are de-railing us from our life purpose, but what if they are a prime opprotunity to connect to our soul? Most of us bild our identity around our roles in life, and the people we relate with. If we take all that away, who are we?

This is the question posed by gurus and meditators throughout the ages. In times of transition, life itself is our very own spiritual mentor, leading us inward, to connect to our soul. Use the Finding the Gift in Big Life Changes Discovery Process to lead yourself out of anxiety and stress, into being centered and secure, in the midst of change.


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Your thoughts are the seeds of the next part of your life. Plant something beautiful today.

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