Everything is Energy!

As Einstein said, “Energy is all there is."

Our bodies are made up of energy, our thoughts are energy, our emotions are energy - everything in our world is made up of energy and affects our energy.

Energy loves to move - but it can get stuck. In our bodies this could cause pain or illness. In our emotions stuck energy can be felt by a “twinge or bite” whenever you think of a certain person or situation. Mentally, stuck energy is a limiting belief - i.e. we can’t make more money or we can’t go below a certain weight because that’s how everyone in my family is. Spiritually, stuck energy manifests in our judgements of ourself, like I’m not worthy or I’m not good enough.

With EFT, Energy Medicine and Hypnotherapy we have powerful tools for transformation. What is fabulous about them is that they are self empowering. You can learn these techniques and be fully capable and empowered to change your own energy.

And if you change your energy, you change your life.

We hope you find this site a valuable resource for manifesting your dreams and goals, creating tremendous health and success, and realizing your true potential.


Robin Friedman is the go-to person for EFT/tapping in our area. Several of my patients have told me that they were blessed when they found Robin after working with other practitioners. Robin has her own special way of working that includes experience and insights that only come from talent and experience.
Jeffrey Zimmerman, Doctor of Oriental Medicine Westport CT


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