What is Energy Medicine?

Just as we all have a physical body comprised of many different systems (e.g.. skeletal, nervous, circulatory) we all also have an energy body comprised of different systems, a few of which are widely known are the meridians, chakras and the aura. Though most of us are unconscious of them, we all feel energy and talk about it with statements like "She has great energy," "I feel scattered", "I feel stuck" or "He looks radiant."

Eden Energy Medicine™ is a modality that recognizes the subtle energy systems which flow through and around the human body, and deeply affect one’s health and vitality. Balancing these energy fields can assist the body in moving towards wellness.  

I will use muscle response testing to assess your body’s energies and then recommend and teach energy exercises known to facilitate the restoration of the body’s energies to a balanced state. You remain fully clothed and before I touch any part of the body that might be considered sensitive, I will ask your permission. I will suggest movements and postures that you can do to help balance energies for yourself based on what energy imbalances show up during the session, which you will be encouraged to practice between sessions.

The great thing about energy medicine is you can learn techniques to do yourself, so it is self-empowering. And we use energy testing, you can see for yourself if your system needs it, and see the result when it changes. If you're curious, the Sessions page describes a few of the common types of sessions.


I LOVED the chakra clearing session!  I was amazed when I felt the concentration of heat and energy and felt really relaxed afterward.  R.S. Weston CT

The calming exercises I've been taught are so simple yet so effective! One day in class, I started panicking for no reason at all and right in the middle of class, without anyone suspecting a thing, I started doing my calming exercises! Immediately, I felt so much better while still listening to the lecture! I've even used these, such as the spleen hug, on the airplane because I have a lot of anxiety when it comes to riding on airplanes. These small steps to alleviating my anxiety have made so much of a difference and I love that I can use them anywhwere! Morgan P. Sun Valley ID

"Energy Medicine is the last big frontier in medicine." - Dr. Oz., M.D.

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