Life Coaching is an ongoing partnership all about helping you get from where you are in your life to where you want to go. By asking the right questions, visualizing the desired outcome, acknowledging possible obstacles and preparing a strategy to move through them, you are empowered to create what you want.  Being accountable to someone else for the baby steps necessary, as well as encouraged and supported, can open or boost your life to another level.

The first two sessions will consist of creating a Vision Statement of your ideal life, which you will receive as an mp3 file.  From there we will create an individual plan focusing on what you want to achieve. We will use the power of the subconscious and energy tools in addition to weekly physical steps that we agree on that will bring you closer to your goal. It is a true blending of the inner and the outer.



Robin has been a source of guidance, inspiration and motivation for me. She's encouraged me to open doors I considered closed and to close doors that I'd left open far too long. I'm no longer stumbling down an unmarked path but choosing a direction that is sure to lead to my heart's desire for future personal and career success. Robin is my life coach but she now also a trusted and valued friend. I have and will continue to promote Robin as an amazingly gifted and powerful Life Coach. She's smart, insightful, caring and intuitive. My experience with her has been a completely positive one and I continue to use the tools and resource she provided.  Peggy W., Sun Valley ID

Thank you Robin for showing me simple ways to enhance and balance my life. I am so grateful for the connection that we share. And always looked forward to our weekly sessions together! You have a gift of using your intuition on an individual basis and that makes it a unique experience for each person. It opened up many possibilities for healing and raising my consciousness. You were encouraging and made me realize where I am on the right track. I feel that everything I learned was helpful in some way. I would say the most helpful for me would be the vision statement and learning meditation exercises. I use the meditation every day to calm and ground myself. It has helped me so much! We also talked about journaling and the things we are grateful for and how useful it is to bring these things together. Teri Wilson, Olympia WA

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