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My intent is to help you in the best possible way for you. Any way you can change your energy, you will feel better!

EFT Introductory Session

Can be done in person or by phone or skype. No experience necessary and you will learn the basic tool of meridian tapping and be able to tap on your own issues by yourself.

60 - 75 minutes $120


5 EFT Session Package

For deep transformation with ongoing issues

First Session 90 minutes, then 60 minutes for the remainder

To be used within a 3 month period

$525 save $75


10 EFT Session Package

Suggested for recurring patterns and/or weight transformation

First Session 90 minutes, then 60 minutes for the remainder

To be used within a 6 month period

$1050 save $150


Monthly Transformation Package  

Balance your energy and create life flow. From feeling stuck, powerless and unable to move forward, you will go to being empowered and able to live more fully. Lose those pounds, move peacefully through your days, move forward in your business. Whatever your goal, by changing your energy from the inside, your life on the outside will dramatically shift.

What are the benefits of a recurring monthly transformation package? Commitment to your own self care is powerful. You give yourself permission to reach your dreams and highest potential. The structure brings freedom as many times people stop when feeling a slight relief, but miss the big breakthrough. Thinking becomes clear, energy rises, new possibilities open up in life as you are changed from the inside out.

You will receive:

  • Two personal sessions per month: (can be tapping, energy work and/or hypnotherapy)

  • Pre-session and post-session reflection to facilitate transformation and integration

  • Weekly email with action steps and journaling process to ensure your goal

  • Includes attendance to local classes or teleclasses

  • Email assistance any time you need it

$420+ value, $295 monthly payment

When you spend money, you lose something.
When you invest in yourself, you gain something you will live with for the rest of your life.


Vision Statement

Are you wandering aimlessly in life? Do you feel like there are things you want but they are muddy and far in the distance? A Vision Statement makes crystal clear where you want to go and how to get there.

Give your subconscious a clear picture of where you are heading. We will do a thorough life discovery session where we will get a picture of what your ideal life would look like. Two weeks later you will receive a shorter Implementation session.You will be deeply relaxed and your ideal life vision statement will be placed straight into your subconscious, where it can be absorbed without the conscious mind’s objection.

You will receive:

  • One 1 - 2 hour thorough life discovery session

  • Two weeks later an Ideal Life Implementation session

  • Written Ideal Life Vision Statement

  • Relaxing audio of your Ideal Life Vision Statement to listen to before bed or as a meditation

  • Upbeat audio of your Ideal Life Vision Statement to listen to while going about daily activities

$360 Pay in Full or 2 payments of $180

33% off, or $240, if you sign up for Monthly Transformation Package or 10 Session Package


And in the end, it is not the years in your life that count; it is the life in your years. ~ Abraham Lincoln


Energy Sessions
There are a myriad of techniques that can be used in an Energy Medicine session. I will muscle test your body to see what needs attention, and also you can let me know how you want to feel when you leave. You don't have to know which session you want, but here are some of the usual type of sessions given.
90 minutes $150
I strongly encourage you to watch the video of the 5 minute daily routine (see link on resources) and start doing this on your own. The 5 minute routine clears the static out of all 9 energy systems and will leave us more time to concentrate on what your body is telling us.

Chakra Clearing:
The chakras are seven spinning vortexes of energy that carry fresh energy into the body and transport stagnant enertgies out of the body. They also register, sort and store energies that contian information about your body, your emotions and your life's journey. Sometimes, through the stresses of daily life, some of our chakras may be spinning backwards, elliptical or too slowly. In a chakra clearing session, old stagnant energy is released, new energy put in and then the chakras are all evenly spinning and humming. This is when you feel "in the flow" and all your energy is working together and efficiently.

Charging and Energizing Session:
This shoots energy to the organs and along every meridian and usually leaves people feeling energized and revitalized. Good for adding energy to a specific organ that you know needs it, or strenghtening the immune system and lifting depression.

Peaceful and Blissful Session:

This calms the whole energy system down, brings deep relaxation and invokes the body's natural healing processes. The hypothalamus shrinks when confronted with continual stress, and this session helps "plump up" and restore the hypothalamus and moves negative fearful thinking toward trust, joy and inner peace. This also enhances blood flow and strengthens and weaves the auric field.

Nip an Illness in the Bud

When you feel you are coming down with something, this is awesome. It has worked every time except once that I've done it, and that time the man told me he still got sick, but he felt really clear now and he had been muddled and scattered for a long time, and that the flu passed more quickly than usual.

Pre and Post Surgery Session:
If your energies are balanced, flowing, and working in harmony, your body can more readily tolerate and utilize the surgery and less likely to mount a futile defensive reaction against it. Pre-surgery is the time to get your energy system strong and robust. There is also a technique, called The Brazilian Toe Technique, that in addition to being soothing and grounding, has been shown to help eliminate or reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.


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