What is a Vision Statement?

A Vision Statement is a thorough picture of your life as you would like it to be. We begin with a very detailed interview covering all areas of your life: career, health, finances, emotional, spiritual and relationship. I will ask you to envision what it would be like if you had your dream in this area, what would it feel like, what would you see, how would you feel, what type of thoughts would you be thinking. Then also what obstacles could get in your way, and what ideas do you have to get around those obstacles.

 After our initial interview, I will create a very specific Vision Statement just for you. For example, if you saw yourself wearing your skinny red jeans at your ideal weight, I will say something like, "You are thrilled when you look in the mirror and see how great your skinny red jeans look on you." I will record this as an mp3 for you and you can listen to it before bed, or going on a walk. You will also receive a written pdf.

Playing it over and over lets this seep into your subconscious and your subconscious takes it as a fact. Then it will be easy and natural for these things to manifest. It is a wonderfully powerful tool that is fun to listen to.



I absolutely LOVE my Vision Statement and listen to it almost daily. When I have moments of uncertainty and need a boost, I grab my iPod and take the Vision Statement on a walk, hike or run with me. It never values to lift my spirits. It's a pep talk and a view of the future that I to achieve. It keeps me on the right path towards that ultimate goal. -Peggy Wagener, Sun Valley ID

I love my Vision Statement.  It is very useful and I do prefer the written version because I can access it at any time to read through it for overall reinforcement of the message.  I really liked how Robin took the information from our conversations and converted it over to the Vision Statement.  Each time I read through it, I get sparks of joy as it really strikes a chord within me. -K. Hawker, Seattle WA
I love the vision statement and find it very helpful! It is encouraging to hear the audio version and Robin's voice is so soothing to me. -Teri Wilson, Olympia WA

I love the audio Vision Statement; it allows me to listen and picture my life how I really want it and to then be able to pursue it. It also motivates me to make my life as I picture in my vision statement. -Morgan P., Sun Valley ID

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