Learn how to change your energy so that you feel great!


You’ve come to the right place:


~ If you can’t lose weight and keep it off

~ If you are struggling to break a financial set point

~ If you keep having the same relationship issues

~ If you want to change, but keep feeling stuck

Robin Friedman is a life and wellness coach who loves using:

• Hypnotherapy and NLP for the subconscious mind

• Energy techniques, such as EFT and meridian and chakra balancing

• Coaching using practical action steps and accountability

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By harnessing the subconscious mind you get answers from your deepest core, change is easy and natural, and you are drawn towards the highest and best vision of your life.  

The power of using the energy body is that you feel clear, empowered and in charge of your emotions. You have the knowledge to change something that’s not working and be able to get connected and back in the flow.  

Coaching offers support, accountability and practical baby steps that move you steadily toward your goal. You decide on the steps you want to take, and with my support you will go further and accomplish more; your confidence skyrockets as you see real changes unfold in your life.


The way to simply and easily change is to understand the subconscious mind and the energy body.  Just as the subconscious is larger and more powerful than the conscious mind, so the energy body, though invisible to most, is the driving force behind our physical body.
~ Robin Friedman


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